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Botanical explorations

Just think, if you learn just one new grass each day, in one year you will have learned almost all of the grasses in Oregon or Washington.


seeing the details and differences among grasses

After taking my first botany class in 1976, I found myself particularly attracted to graminoids (grasses, sedges, rushes), especially members of the family Poaceae. I'm also a student of Carex, but still very much a student. For more on sedges go here. In Juncus, I have no expertise at all. Are you curious about grasses in the natural world around you? If so, this a place where you can start developing the skills to identify species in this family of plants that is easily overlooked. In other words, here is a cure for "grass blindness."

I'm on the road in Washington state, and encountered a grass species I'd not seen before, which is always exciting, even when it is a weed. And this one is a weed, a Class A weed in Washington state, to be exact. This is a new record in Stevens County: Glyceria maxima. 

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