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I taught two workshops in 2024 out of Bend, both in May.

Our field guide sold out at OSU Press last fall. By this spring, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online vendors had also sold out. So the field guide is "out of print" at this time. There are probably a few copies remaining at small independent bookstores if you call around. Sometimes a copy is available on ebay.

Preparation of a revision of the Field Guide to Grasses has been an enormous undertaking for the past two years and I submitted the materials to OSU Press in May. It will not be available this year.

I'm taking some time off (from teaching) this summer to work on a restoration project and just enjoy some non-work botanizing. I will probably post essays from time to time, now that I'm not working full time on the field guide. I've posted a new essay for the Ochoco grasslands.

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